Devojka Models represents some of the top talent in Canberra, offering diversity and experience. This list is comprised of actors, presenters, voiceover artists, models and more. Be sure to check out our talent in action via our showreel and video pages.

Simply choose from the Talent Grid below and get in touch via the contact form to make a booking or to find out more. Please note that a number of our models are also proficient in non-verbal and extra acting roles. Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions.
We look forward to working with you on your next TVC, photoshoot, event, film, series or project.
MICHAEL (Actor, Extra, Musician, Model, Voiceovers, Martial Arts, Boxing, Fight Choreographer)
Showreel | Commercial ShowreelThe ShiningVoiceover Reel | Fight Reel |
JANETTE (Model, Stylist, Host/Presenter, Extra)
KARLA  (Actor, Extra, Presenter)
Showreel | Voiceover Reel | Portfolio
SHARON (Actor, Extra, Model, Runway)
Showreel | Portfolio | Presenting | Latest Role TVC | Latest Role – Transport Canberra | 60 Minutes |
Note: Sharon is Ellie’s grandmother
JOHN Ro. (Actor, Extra, Voiceovers)
Showreel | Latest Role
ANDREW (Internationally Recognised Actor, Former Television News & Current Affairs Reporter/Presenter, Film Industry Educator, Producer, Filmmaker). Andrew has performed in films including the Matrix, Unbroken, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and more. For full CV get in touch. Andrew is based in NSW/Canberra.
GARY (Actor, Extra, Model, Singer – Pop, Rock, Country, Guitarist; Accents: Australian, Canadian, Irish, NZ, South African, US various, German, Indian and more).
MARTIN (Actor, Extra, Voiceover Artist, Theatre)  Talents – Dancer, Singer, Guitar player) ACCENTS: Australian, NY, Southern, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Finnish
ASHLEIGH D (Actor, Extra, Model)
Showreel | Portfolio
MIKAYLA (Actor, Extra, Model, Runway)
Portfolio | Drama | Comedy
ANNABELLE (Actor, Extra, Model, Runway)
Showreel | Portfolio
NATASHA (Actor, Extra, Model, Runway) | NSW Based
Latest Role | Googong | Self-Tape
ORLANDO D (Actor, Extra, Model, Dancer, Parkour, Sports, Theatre)
Commercial Showreel | Film Showreel
TONY (Actor, Extra, Model,
Talents – Guitar, Horse Riding, Snowboarding)
JIM (Actor, Extra, Martial Arts, Boxing)
Showreel | Fighting Reel | Latest Role
FREYA (Some Acting, Extra, Model)
Note: Freya is Hudson’s Sister, and Aleesha’s daughter
HUDSON (Actor, Extra, Model, Dancer (Hip Hop), Piano, Guitar)
Note: Hudson is Freya’s brother, and Aleesha’s son
SAMANTHA (Actor, Extra, Model, Runway)
Showreel | Portfolio
FIONN (Actor, Extra, Model, Theatre, Singing, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary.)
Showreel | Portfolio
AMALI (Model, Extra, Non-Verbal Video)

Note: Amali is Sharon Y’s granddaughter, as well as Ellie K, Malaki and Koby’s sibling

MALAKAI (Model, Extra, Non-Verbal Video)

Note: Malakai is Sharon Y’s grandson, as well as Ellie K, Amali and Koby’s sibling

ELLIE (Model, Extra, Non-Verbal Video)

Note: Ellie is Sharon Y’s granddaughter, as well as Koby, Malaki and Amali’s sibling

KOBY (Model, Extra, Non-Verbal Video)

Note: Koby is Sharon Y’s grandson, as well as Ellie K, Malaki and Amali’s sibling

JASS (Model, Extra, Non-Verbal Acting)
Portfolio | Latest Role
JOHN Re. (Model, Extra, Some Acting)
Portfolio | Latest Role | Script Readthrough
THEA (Actor, Extra, Model, Runway)
Showreel | Commercial Reel | Portfolio | Voiceover Reel 
JADE B (Actor, Voiceover Artist, Presenter, Model, Theatre, Dance, Singer, Circus, Extra)
Showreel | Voiceover Reel
SHANIE (Actor, Extra, Model)
JACINTA (Model, Runway, Extra)
DIMITRA (Actor, Extra, Model, Runway)
SAMANTHA F (Model, Extra, Runway, Acting
Portfolio | Latest Role
ADELE (Actor)
Latest Role
MICHELLE (Actor, Extra, Model)
RANDALL (Professional Musician, Actor, Model, Extra)
Latest Role
SONIA (Model, Extra)
NEIL (Actor, Extra, Model)
ACT | NSW based
Latest Role | Self-Tape
ALEESHA (Actress, Model, Extra, Improv, Theatre, Singer, Hip Hop Dancer, Piano Student, Jazz Dance Enthusiast)
Note: Aleesha is Hudson and Freya’s mum
DAN (Actor, Extra, Model)
MICHAEL (Actor, Extra)
JOHN K (Presenter, Actor, Voiceovers, MC, Extra. Background in Fitness: Aerobics, Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Training, Dance, Martial Arts)
Showreel | Fight Reel | Latest Role
JUDITH (Actress, Extra, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter, Model). Accents: Australian, French, Italian, English.
AMELIA (Actress, Model, Dancer, Extra). Accents: Australian, Irish, UK English, UK Posh, UK Scottish, USA Southern.
MILICA (Model, Extra)
YLARIA (Actor, Extra, Director, Voiceover Artist, Theatre) Special Talents: Teacher, Personal Trainer, Singer, Dancer (Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Salsa, Swing), Ice Skating, Roller Blading/Skating


ANCHAL (Model, Extra)
Latest Role
MIKE (Model, Extra, Acting Non-Verbal)
Portfolio | Latest Role
SOPHIA (Actor, Extra, Voiceovers, Singer, Theatre)
Showreel | Theatre | Singing | Voiceover
DESHAWN (Actor, Extra, Model)
Latest Role
JAKE (Actor, Extra, Model, Dancer, Presenter)
ANNIKA (Model, Extra, Runway, Non-Verbal Acting)
DOMINIC (Model, Extra, Runway)
ASHLEA (Actor, Extra, Model, Runway)
JASMIN (Model, Actress, Extra)
Portfolio | Voiceover | Improvisation | Film Clip | Character |
NINA (Model, Extra)
CAITLIN (Model, Dancer, Actress)
Portfolio | Dance |
DANIEL (Actor, Extra, Model)
TROY (Model, Extra, Acting Non-Verbal)
Portfolio | Latest Role 1 | Latest Role 2
EMMA (Actor, Extra, Model)
Latest Role
LARA O (Model, Extra, Runway)
INNA (Model, Extra, Runway)
SHARNA (Model, Extra, Runway)
PAMELA  (Model, Extra)
Sydney Based
SHELLY (Actor, Extra, Model)
BRODIE (Model, Extra)