Model Development: Portfolio & Mentoring

Portfolio Development:
Tina Nikolovski

Tina Nikolovski is the founder, director and in-house photographer for Devojka Models. Tina has had 14 years experience as a fashion and commercial photographer, as well as a model mentor.

Tina’s work is high end and polished, she has a natural flare and talent in capturing the subject in front of her and also bringing out the best in them. Tina has mentored and developed most of our model and acting portfolios at Devojka Models – but she is available to work with models/talent from any agency and/or those who are new or representing themselves in a freelance capacity.

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Model Development: Runway & One-on-One Mentoring

Models 101: One-on-One Mentoring

This option is for models and actors of all levels. Our mentor Jordan, who has over 30 years industry experience will push you in all areas of development. Jordan can help train you in any of the following areas:

1. Improve confidence
2. Identify with/focus on the niche of modelling right for you
3. Establish signature walk
4. Adapt your walk
5. Improve and refine movement in front of camera
6. Acting, Voiceovers, Presenting
7. Self-tapes, Showreels, Script-reads

And more! 

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